Declaration of intent

ASPIM EUROPA has been constituted by the will of entrepreneurs, artisans, self employees and experts who have contributed with their industry to build its social and economic fabric. The effort, sacrifice and hard work has brought our Society to count amongst the most advanced in the World. This position defends itself and is consolidated, in favour of future generations to come, only if we know how to tackle the challenge from emerging Countries in terms of quality and competition.

ASPIM EUROPA intends to contribute to the diffusion of methods and inspirational values of a free Society, conscious, solidary and able to generate:
More help – less aid; greater richness – less poverty; more work – less parasitism; more justice – less suppression; more solidarity – less egoism.
ASPIM EUROPA intends to promote:

  • defence of historic, artistic, environmental heritage of our People to be left integral to future generations;
  • respect and solidarity for our elders, keepers and testimonies of our history, our culture and safe guarders of our families, the irremissible hinge of our social model;
  • guarantee of autonomy in education and teaching of our young people respecting moral values;
  • tutelage of property, free competition and freedom of economic initiatives, guarantors of civil and social progress respecting human dignity;
  • the efforts of every citizen to carry out an activity or function that concurs with moral, material and cultural progress of the community;
  • study and research of legislation, prevention, rehabilitation and integration of people with a handicap;
  • improvement of the identity and specificity of the Voluntary worker as an intentional and planned human resource as an expression of a freely given contribution in the social and solidarity environment;

The strategy will be:

  • supply an adequate support to the European Community through proposals and projects aiming to give new momentum to the development of a feasible economic, social, cultural, technical and environmental cooperation between the European Union and non member countries;
  • create an adequate a qualified pool of international experts from which every European Parliamentary Commission and every General Directorship of the European Commission may draw should it be necessary to create a operative working group on a subject of discussion;
  • organize meetings and seminars in order to establish relations that produce the definition of an internal harmony in the European Union as well as make the European Union and its organization in the world better known;
  • sustain technological innovation, research and development of new projects that may constitute a real success for Companies that operate in a highly competitive trans-national context;
  • supply an adequate bureaucratic and institutional support organization to Companies to favour the concession of financial backing that the European Union makes available.

ASPIM EUROPA is a non-profit making organization, operating in European Union countries and non member states It is constituted from a pool of professionals and entrepreneurs, in the character of an association, independent and non-party, that sets out to present itself as a constant and qualified point of reference between supply and demand inherent to services provided.
Two fundamental aspects characterize the work of ASPIM EUROPA:

  • a spirit of service and support to its same associates;
  • the creation of a Lobby that defends and promotes the legitimate interest of its same associates.
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