President's letter

The most important element that contributes to reinforce the collaboration among European Countries on the political point of view is represented by the development of an international cooperation on the cultural, scientific, social and economic level capable of guaranteeing a system of mutual sharing of values of peace and development.

The European Union represents an important example of aggregation among various countries whose fundamental values are those of affirmation and pursuance of peace, respect of man, free market, mutual collaboration and coexistence, respect of various identities and religious and cultural specifities of a fair and lasting social and economic development.

The European Union represents today a system of countries, economies, histories and cultures aiming to extend to the rest of the world; to reinforce the globalization and the conditions of mutual exchange and development though always respecting the interest of each single country.

Within this scenery Italy must undertake a leading role creating projects and enterprises aiming to the reinforcement of relationships with countries of Eastern Europe, of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Aspim Europa intends to promote and develop the exchange of information, experiences, methodologies, to help integration among European populations, to stimulate the birth of partnership and to collaborate to sectoral based projects.
The effective and efficient activity of Aspim Europa is proved through the creation and the availability of activities and services related to different aspects of design, financial engineering, the individuation of partners, the penetration on different markets and international relationships.

Aspim Europa can pass to its associates a lobbying operating through a wide range of consolidated European partners and collaborations as an intellectual heritage of the group.

The purpose of Aspim Europa is to promote, design and realize projects of agricoltural, alimentary, enviromental, sanitary and social development using professionalism of working groups, strategic collaborations and lobbying activities which allow to work efficiently.

It coordinates projecting activities, facilitated finance and editing, it promotes research, management and know how to facilitate the economic and commercial growth of the associated companies. The development and research of European projects an developed through skilled professionals whose continuous training permits to face and solve a wide range of problems dealing with investments and quality development.

To be part of Aspim Europa means to have at disposal a vast knowledge, a lot of experiences given by either associated companies or partners operating with institutions and corporations.
I thank you all for the attention.

Yours faithfully

Dr. Francesco Dario Perini

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