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Ogni giorno, in tutta Europa, la rete Enterprise Europe Network raccoglie centinaia di segnalazioni di ricerca e offerta di tecnologia nel campo dell'innovazione.

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N° 7 luglio 2014


Ogni giorno, in tutta Europa, la rete Enterprise Europe Network raccoglie centinaia di segnalazioni di ricerca e offerta di tecnologia nel campo dell'innovazione.

Inoltre, organizzazioni come APRE (Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea) e reti europee quali European R&D Partner Search System, raccolgono segnalazioni di ricerche partner per partecipare a progetti di ricerca comunitari.

Per favorire i contatti e gli scambi di tecnologie, la newsletter TopTech presenta, ogni mese, una selezione delle più recenti richieste e offerte di prodotti o servizi innovativi, di risultati di ricerca e di ricerche partner per la partecipazione a progetti di ricerca europei per i quali si cercano controparti in Europa. Ogni numero contiene inoltre una selezione di eventi di potenziale interesse per le aziende del territorio e un focus speciale su temi tecnologici specifici.


Richieste di tecnologia


  • Cigarette butts recycling and valorization solution sought
    Rif. TRFR20140724001
    A French entrepreneur is developing an activity related to cigarette butts pollution on coastal areas: sensibilisation campaign, ashtray distribution and butts collecting. Concerning the collecting activity: incineration is the current short-term solution to solve the butts’ issue. They are willing to find alternative & innovative ways for waste butts treatment and upgrading as resource. Recycling companies, laboratories are sought for service agreement. 
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015
  • Looking for specific direct current (DC) motors and DC brushless motors for train doors
    Rif. TRFR20140718001
    A French company, leading supplier of railway systems and services, seeks a partner able to offer specific DC (direct current) motors and DC brushless motors for train's doors system. The French company seeks partners, with ISO 9001 certification, willing to sign manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

Scadenza: 31.01.2015
·         Hungarian company specialized in waste management is looking for partners for technical or research agreement
Rif. TRHU20140715001
The Hungarian environmental engineering SME is looking for partners for design waste management systems and elaborate it for villages. The company is pursuing research and development activities related to renewable source within a technical agreement or research cooperation. The company is also interested in utilisation of renewable energy sources more closely, in particular energy recovery from biomass thus Hungarian enterprise wants to make technical or research cooperation agreement.
Scadenza: 31.01.2015

  • Looking for indoor positioning technologies and solutions
    Rif. TRGR20140712001
    A Greek SME is looking for indoor positioning technologies and solutions in order to create enhanced experiences for customers using mobile applications. The SME is looking to license this technology, to buy it or to further co-develop products with international partners through a joint venture or technical cooperation agreements.
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015
  • 3D cell culture, tissue engineering and R&D in extra cellular matrix
    Rif. TRIN20140402001
    India based bio-material company with its business sector in biomaterial based medical devices is looking for technical expertise in 3D cell culture and tissue engineering with companies having good manufacturing practices facilities and R&D in extra cellular matrix (ECM) for product development and translational collaboration / partnership translation of medical devices including EU certification and marketing.
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015


Offerte di tecnologia

  • RF-MEMS (radio-frequency micro electromechanical systems) devices for strategic and harsh environments as battery-less and wireless sensors
    Rif. TOFR20140227001

    A French start-up designs, manufactures and commercializes passive RF (radio-frequency) components based on elastic wave transducers and acoustic vibrations. The company dedicates a strong R&D effort for the development of sensors capable to operate under very harsh environment. The company is looking for cooperation with industries to test new developments and adapt its technologies to new requirements.  
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015
  • Innovative cleaning device with low pressure steam technology for removal of chewing gum or severe pollution in inner city areas
    Rif. TOAT20140617002

    An Austrian SME has developed a cleaning device for special urban cleaning purposes like removal of chewing gum and severe pollution on horizontal surfaces in inner city areas. The device with an innovative steam technology and low-water consumption / low pressure technique is field tested. It cleans all kind of surfaces (e.g. asphalt, concrete stone, marble etc.) efficiently and thoroughly. The SME is looking for a commercial or licensing agreement with companies in the urban cleaning market.
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015
  • Integrated autopilot and sensor platform for drones, for successful operation of sensors on drones.
    Rif. TONL20140707001

    A Dutch technological start-up has developed an universal autopilot system for drones that integrates the autopilot function, the operation of sensors on the drone and the communication with a ground station. Main advantage is the increased performance of sensors in the drone in terms of accuracy, operation time and cost. The company is looking for drone manufacturers for cooperation in the design, integration and testing of drones with specific tasks.
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015
  • Innovative indoor & outdoor location-based services for touristic venues through augmented reality mobile application
    Rif. TOGR20140712001

    A Greek SME is offering an innovative mobile application using augmented reality to provide touristic venues and resorts with added value services for their clients, integrating indoor & outdoor positioning and tailor-made services into one custom application. The technology can be licensed, further developed, localized or customized with/for potential partners worldwide.
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015
  • Context-aware push notification platform for mobile apps
    Rif. TOES20140714001

    A Spanish SME from the ICT sector has developed a context-aware push notification platform that, added to any mobile app could be used to reach its users based on their context. The innovation lies in the management of users’ information, which is always kept in the mobile device. This saves battery and increases users' privacy. The company seeks partners interested in research, commercial or financing agreements for the platform, which is currently being exploited commercially.
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015
  • Turkish R&D company working on cardiac and brain health is looking for investors and technology developers.
    Rif. TOTR20140711001

    A Turkish R&D company working on cardiac and brain health has been developing a system for monitoring and controlling the patients with cardiac arrhythmia or suffered from heart attack in order to inform them if any disorder detected. The company is looking for investors and technology developers willing to start a joint venture or a manufacturing agreement or provide technical assistance within a commercial agreement in the biomedical sector.
    Scadenza: 31.01.2015



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  • H2020-PHC11-2015_Development and validation of a quantitative ultrasound device to assess dental implant stability
    Rif. RDFR20140711001

    A French university is looking for partners in order to answer the PHC11-2015. The aim of such a project is to develop a quantitative ultrasound device capable of assessing dental implant stability. Dental implants are used in the clinic but failures still occur which are difficult to anticipate. A company which manufactures dental implants is seeking to join the bid for the H2020-PHC11-2015 call. EoIs are welcome before mid-September as the call deadline is on the 7th of October 2014.
  • H2020 PS: GENO. GEne Networks Optimization: Big Data Processing for Knowledge Discovering in Gene Regulatory Networks
    Rif. RDES20140715001

    A Spanish Research Team is currently preparing a proposal for Personalising health and care (H2020-PHC-2015-two-stage). The proposed project aims at developing a computational framework for managing and studying the dynamics of GRNs (Gene Regulatory Networks) as activators / mediators of processes of life, like disease development or bacterial reproduction. They are seeking a healthcare IT company, clinical groups (validation and data provision) and a biology / mathematics research group.
  • H2020-LCE 11-Development of a microalgae fuel production process based on an energetically autonomous horizontal photobioreactor
    Rif. RDDE20140710001

    The project aims to decrease the energy consumption for the cultivation of microalgae and to solve the hydrodynamic pressure at the bottom and the gaps between the respective panels provoking loss of photons. The project will address the H2020 LCE 11 call and is coordinated by an R&D organisation from Germany. European partners with expertise in molecular biology (physiology and modelling), material science and prototype design (for demonstrations) as well as membrane technology are sought.





Italian Venture Forum
Sono aperte le iscrizioni all'Italian Venture Forum 2014, in programma il 4 novembre prossimo a Torino presso il Centro Congressi Torino Incontradalle ore 9.00 alle ore 18.00. Partecipazione gratuita previo invio profilo tecnologico innovativo in lingua inglese.

Air-Days 2014, Lisbona, 6-8/10/2014
Un evento di tre giorni dedicato all'industria dell'aeronautica con b2b, workshop e networking sessions su temi legati a H2020

To-Design, Torino, 11/10/2014
B2B tra aziende manifatturiere e designer nell'ambito di Operae, un festival dedicato al design indipendente

Smart Mobility Match, Torino, 13/11/2014
Sono aperte le iscrizioni a Smart Mobility Match, l'evento di brokeraggio dedicato alle tecnologie per la smart city e la smart mobility, organizzato da Camera di commercio nell'ambito della manifestazione Smart Mobility World. Focus speciale H2020 "Smart, Green and Integrated Transport"!


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